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TIFF ×Kyoto Historica IFF  TIFF will co-host a workshop for young creators at “Kyoto Filmmakers Lab”

Kyoto Historica
Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) is delighted to announce that we will co-host a workshop for young creators at “Kyoto Filmmakers Lab,” in collaboration with Kyoto Historica International Film Festival (KHIFF).
In keeping with our core principle to “Foster creators for the next generation,” TIFF will develop a new project in partnership with KHIFF, which has experience and a provlen track record in hosting human resource development workshops for aspiring creators.
This year, TIFF will arrange stimulating lectures for the “Masters Session,” a new program of “Kyoto Filmmakers Lab,” a workshop that has been held as a part of KHIFF since 2007. For the “Masters Session” lectures, a variety of guests who will be invited to TIFF will serve as guest lecturers. We hope to foster the development of talented filmmakers by inspiring young participants in the workshop.
Kyoto Historica    Kyoto Historica
About Kyoto Filmmakers Lab
Kyoto Filmmakers Lab is an annual hands-on training workshop in samurai filmmaking which has been held since 2007. At the 2-day workshop, 20 selected aspiring creators from Japan and other countries are divided into 2 groups to make 3 minute short films at the open sets in Toei Studios Kyoto and Shochiku Kyoto Studios. Participants create every aspect of their films for the workshop, including original screenplays. Participants are afforded the opportunity to experience the culture and techniques of samurai filmmaking, which is unique to studios in Kyoto, through hands-on support from studio professionals. To date, 139 participants from 37 countries and regions selected from 615 applicants from 81 countries and regions have experienced filmmaking in Kyoto through this workshop.
1) Hands–on JIDAIGEKI (Samurai period drama)
Dates: October 25 (Sun) to October 27 (Tue), 2015

A filmmaking workshop for young filmmakers from all over the world to create a short samurai film with professional’s support at Toei and Shochiku Studios in Kyoto.
2) MASTERS Session [NEW]
Dates: October 28 (Wed) to October 30 (Fri), 2015

Discussion forums for young creators around the world and distinguished movie professionals. Guest speakers will include a wide range of special guests invited to TIFF. Also, a theatrical swordfight workshop will be scheduled in collaboration with Toei Tsurugi Kai, a Toei Studios theatrical swordfight actors group.
*details will be announced later.
Venues: Oenogakudo, Toei Studios Kyoto, Shochiku Kyoto Studios, the Museum of Kyoto and other venues in Kyoto
Official Website: www.kyotofilmmakerslab.com

Host: Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival Committee
(Toei Company, Ltd., Shochiku Studio Co., Ltd., Kyoto Prefectural Government, Ritsumeikan University, The Museum of Kyoto, Toei Kyoto Studio Co., Ltd., Iwamoto Metal Co., Ltd. )
Co-hosts: Tokyo International Film Festival Executive Committee, KYOTO Cross Media Experience Executive Committee
Planning and Management: Visual Industry Promotion Organization
Special Supporter: Directors’ Univ Co., Ltd.

Kyoto Historica International Film Festival
Kyoto Historica International Film Festival is the world’s only film festival to feature domestic and international historical films. This entertaining festival focuses not only on history-themed films from around the world, but also on a broader idea of “historical” films including costume plays, martial-arts movies, Westerns, and war films, to present the global trend of historical films by showing both new releases and masterpieces. Since it was first held in 2008, the festival has continuously evolved to deliver spectacular historical cinema experiences unhampered by regional borders. In addition to film screenings, the festival hosts other unique events including Kyoto Film Pitching and Kyoto Filmmakers Lab every year, in order to develop the skills of young creators and encourage networking among them.
Dates: October 31(Sat) to November 8 (Sun)
Venues: Film Theater at the Museum of Kyoto and others
Official Website: www.historica-kyoto.com

Kyoto Filmmakers Lab Application Guideline
Kyoto Filmmakers Lab is currently accepting applications for participation.
[Accommodation] Hyakumanben Chion-ji temple (Jodosyu Daihonzan)
[Travel expenses] Partial travel expenses (60,000 JP yen) will be provided for participants from outside of Japan.
[Fields of work to be accepted] Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Grip, Editor, Sound mixer, Music composer, Animator, Game designer, VFX designer
[Submission Period] July 28th (Tue) to September 18th (Fri), 2015
[How to apply] After completing the online entry form, submission of a work sample (DVD) is required.
1) You have a professional experience in the film, videogame, or animation industry, OR you have made a short film, OR you are a film school/film program graduate OR graduate student.
2) We accept applicants of any nationality.
3) English communication ability is preferable.
For full details please see “Kyoto Filmmakers Lab” official website: www.kyotofilmmakerslab.com

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