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Tokyo International Film Festival Cooperate with Shanghai IFF

The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) is pleased to announce that TIFF and the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) which will be held from June 13-21, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on their comprehensive and mutual cooperation as leading international film festivals in Asia in the novice recommendation, competition and selection, film screening, guest invitation and etc. in May, 2015.
Memorandum of Cooperation  (Excerpt)
1. Recommendation of New Talents to Each Other
2. Recommendation of Films for Competition and Screening to Each Other
3. Recommendation of International Jury to Each Other
4. Undertaking Special Screenings on its Festival for the other
5. Helping Each Other with Inviting Guests to Film Forums and Inviting Film Stars to the Opening and Closing Ceremony
6. Personnel Exchange
Under this memorandum, this year’s SIFF will screen 27 Japanese films, such as Director Daihachi YOSHIDA’s “Pale Moon” which won the Best Actress and Audience Award in the Competition section, Director Kiki SUGINO’s “Kyoto Elegy” which was selected in the Asian Future section, Director Masaharu TAKE’s “100 Yen Love” which won the Best Picture Award in the Japanese Cinema Splash section and Director Shuichi OKITA’s “Ecotherapy Getaway Holiday” which was selected in the Japanese Cinema Splash section and Special Mentioned by the jury at the 27th TIFF.
Comment from SIFF:
Shanghai and Tokyo are both Asian big cities, we both have the responsibilities to support Asian filmmakers. We all know European film festivals have attracted most of the filmmakers’ attention, but if we give Asian films full recognition and encouragement, at least we can win the trust of Asian filmmakers. Hope the collaboration can work out, and Japanese films select SIFF to do their promotion, attend competition, likewise Chinese films choose TIFF.
Shanghai International Film Festival
Selected JAPANEASE Films for the 18th SIFF
0.5mm (Director: Momoko ANDO)
100 Yen Love (Director: Masaharu TAKE)
A Farewell to Jinu (Director: Matsuo SUZUKI)
Bon Lin (Director: Keiichi KOBAYASHI)
Chasuke’s Journey (Director: SABU)
Cruel Story of Youth (Director: Nagisa OSHIMA)
Ecotherapy Getaway Holiday (Director: Shuichi OKITA)
Journey to the Shore (Director: Kiyoshi KUROSAWA)
Kakekomi (Director: Masato HARADA)
Kyoto Elegy (Director: Kiki SUGINO)
La La La at Rock Bottom (Director: Nobuhiro YAMASHITA)
Living in Sanrizuka (Director: Koshiro OTSU, Haruhiko DAISHIMA)
Midnight Diner (Director: Joji MATSUOKA)
Pale Moon (Director: Daihachi YOSHIDA)
Prophecy (Director: Yoshihiro NAKAMURA)
Round Trip Heart (Director: Yuki TANADA)
Still the Water (Director: Naomi KAWASE)
The Case of Hana & Alice (Director: Shunji IWAI)
The Furthest End Awaits (Director: CHIANG Hsiu-Chiung)
The Letters (Director: Kenichi OMORI)
The Pearls of the Stone Man (Director: Yuzo ASAHARA)
Till Death Do Us What? (Director: Koji MAEDA)
Retrospective of Ken Takakura
Poppoya -Railroad Man- (Director: Yasuo FURUHATA)
Abashiri Prison: Bokyo-hen (Director: Teruo ISHII)
Hot Pursuit (Director: Junya SATO)
The Yellow Handkerchief (Director: Yoji YAMADA)
A Distant Cry from Spring (Director: Yoji YAMADA)
The 18th SIFF will take place June 13-21, 2015 in Shanghai.

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