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First ever screening of “Gundam Unicorn” in MX4D! Director and original writer really fascinated by ‘the innovative ways’


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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn episode 7 Over the Rainbow was screened in MX4D on October 29 as part of THE WORLD OF GUNDAM; Special program at the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival. Kazuhiro Furuhashi who took on the role of director, as well as the author Harutoshi Fukui who wrote the story attended a talk show at TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.
Interactive attraction style MX4D seats, the first ever in history of the festival and of Gundam were introduced during the screening. Fukui, experiencing the seats for the first time took a look at the shape of them, and said “I was imagining something from the arcade game ‘Senjō no Kizuna’. I thought that there would be a cockpit turning this way and that”. However, when it was explained to him that there were effects like water and wind blowing when you sat down, he said “what? It’s got water too? and smokes?” He was completely fascinated.
Regarding the performance using the MX4D, he said “I think we have to put ourselves in a different perspective. If you are going to use it with something like this innovation, these effects changes the overall impression of the films” he said. “In episodes like Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack, there is shaking at the end that I think would best suit the MX4D”, he gave his opinion. Director Furuhashi said “I have seen the DVD of Zero Gravity at home, and that is a movie which makes you feel as though you are there, like it’s a ride or a game so I wish I could have seen it with MX4D seats”, he gave a favorable comment. Fukui, who was recommended getting a home theater, said “they’re selling those seats, aren’t they? so they have to enter the effects data for each different film. Really, that sounds like a lot of work”, he said admiringly.
The festival also screens all other episodes of the series Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn which maintains the continuous popularity even one and a half years after its release. Director Furuhashi said “I am so grateful to everyone who allowed me to stay involved so long after its completion, and to be able to be associated with such a long-running masterpiece”, his face was full of emotions. Fukui also added that “I already said this at the ‘greetings from the stage’ but over the past 10 years, we have become fed up with being in a world where we were allowed to create only temporary consumer targeted products”, he reflected by saying “We wanted to make a challenge to produce something that would go down in history, so once again, I would like to say I am glad we were given this rare opportunity, and I’m also satisfied with what we have accomplished.” He was deeply moved with mixed a mixed feelings.
This is the final chapter of the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn series, which is a film adaptation of Fukui’s novels Lorelei and Bokoku no Aegis. Laplace’s Box which holds secret that will overturn the world is said to be sleeping was revealed. Main character Banagher Links heads for the location shown on the Mobile Suit Unicorn. There, his path is blocked by Full Frontal of the Neo Zeon army, plotting to get hold of the box. The last fight was about to begin.

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