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Yumiri Hanamori deeply moved at world premiere of her first lead role “Garakowa”- ‘a precious experience’


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Garakowa -Restore The World-, the anime film of the original D.backup, the scenario and illustration project awarded with the Pony Canyon Grand Prize for Animation which selects original stories to be animated from the general public had its world premiere on October 29 at the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival in the Panorama section. Lead voice actors Yumiri Hanamori and Risa Taneda as well as director Masashi Ishihama and producer Ryoichi Ishihara attended Shinjuku WALD9 Tokyo for the greetings from the stage.
The story is set in a space devoid of gravity —”The Box of Wisdom” in which exists multiple worlds, timelines and people. Fighting a virus that invades worlds, Dual and Dorothy bear the role of eliminating worlds which have been infected by the virus but they have decided to help a young girl Remo who was being attacked by the virus. When the young girl finally opens her eyes, she whispers a phrase mysteriously -“I have to return to the flower garden…”
Hanamori, performing in both her first lead character and her first anime film, appeared wearing the costume of main character Remo, for whom she did the voice-over. she reflected on her first experiences when she had been chosen for the role. “I was happy but worried about whether I would be up to the task.” However, although she felt the pressure, she also said that “when I got the script and tried the voice-over on site, I fell in love with this world pretty quickly. It has taught me the importance of performing. Garakowa has brought me one step closer to my future.” revealing how the role had helped her grow as a voice actor.
Taneda who plays the role of Dual appealed by saying that she plays “an incredible character, full of world perspectives.” She reflects that “I noticed that there were a lot of optimistic messages included.” through not just the film but also the roles. Of her own role, she says that “this is a character that doesn’t show many emotions. So in a certain way, it is very close to the audience’s perspectives. It’s a really ambiguous existence.” she explains “she absorbs all sorts of things through a lot of encounters and in performing the role of Dual who is learning about the world of humans, I became aware that beautiful things and things I want to treat importantly like dreams and friendships are also in my own heart. It really hit home.” she said with a smile.
After the “greetings from the stage” had finished, Hanamori looked over again to the audience and closing her eyes, saying “this film was full of new experiences for me, but the warm-hearted staff, cast and fans supported me throughout. This has been an precious experience.”, she stated her appreciation. Stirred with emotions, her voice caught in places but the audience showered her with a warm applause.
Garakowa -Restore The World- will be released on January 1, 2016.

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