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Suzu Hirose, Kiki Kirin and others express joy for receiving TIFF “ARIGATO” award


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The ceremony for the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival’s new “ARIGATŌ (Thank You) Award” was held on October 31 at Tokyo’s TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills. The award is to show appreciation to those who have risen in and contributed to the Japanese film industry. The winners of the award were actresses Kiki Kirin and Suzu Hirose, actor Lily Franky, animated film THE BOY AND THE BEAST director Mamoru Hosoda, and Akihiro Hino, CEO of Level-5, the developers of Yo-Kai Watch. Bathed in the light of press camera flashbulbs, the winners expressed their joy at receiving the award.
Kiki, who was awarded for her indispensable presence in the Japanese film industry and many years of achievements, opened her speech in typical “Kiki-esque” style. “Yesterday I had a three-hour course to prepare for getting my elderly drivers license.” She continued, “I think getting old must be difficult. Nevertheless, when other people are kind enough to say ‘Thank you’, I feel like it’s me who has to say thank you’,” her words of appreciation heating up the room with giggles.
Hirose, who entered the limelight with her role in Our Little Sister, bounced up and down with anticipation and looked nervous on stage. But she said with enthusiastic sincerity, “This is my first time coming to an award ceremony and receiving an award in Japan. I do feel embarrassed, but I want to do my absolute best and give thanks to everyone who supported me.” Lily, who also played in Our Little Sister, tried to make a joke. “I was able to win this award for acting with Suzu Hirose, and creating a fresh atmosphere.” He then continued by paying tribute to the directors, saying with a bow, “Thanks be to Hosoda and all the highly talented directors who called me because they found me interesting. I would like to receive this award, first and foremost, as a movie fan.”
Director Hosoda, whose original animated films boast astounding box office revenues, said heartfully, “As a director, I’m always telling the staff and cast ‘Thank you’. But conversely, today I’m the one with my name being called, and I feel a little embarrassed but also very happy. I was able to receive this award thanks to my staff and cast.” Hino, who took the film industry by storm with his video games that spanned into cross-media storytelling, spoke of his fresh determination. “I want to continue creating content that can be enjoyed by children, by fathers and mothers—by the whole family together.”

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