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“KAMPAI!” Sake tasting event held at TIFF! 200 people raise their glasses


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A sake tasting event was held on October 25 at Roppongi Hills Arena, Tokyo, a collaboration between the documentary themed Japanese sake KAMPAI! FOR THE LOVE OF SAKE and the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival. Flocks of people formed huge queues in the venue, befitting a free event where you can taste famous sake.
The event was attended by director Mirai Konishi, as well as 5th generation sake brewer Kosuke Kuji of Iwate Prefecture’s “Nanbu Bijin”, who appeared in the documentary, and others. There were sake from 6 different companies to try, with of course “Nanbu Bijin”, as well as The Kinoshita Brewery’s “Tamagawa”, Asahikawa Takasago Shuzo’s “Kokushimuso”, Okunomatsu Sake Brewery’s “Okunomatsu”, Sudo Honke’s “Yusura”, and Suzukisyuzouten-Nagaikura’s “Iwaki Kotobuki”. Konishi led the toast, to which about 200 people raised a glass.
The event was held after the screening. “It was my aim to make people who saw the film want a drink, so I’m really happy that we were able to have this event”, said Konishi with a smile. “This all started with crowdfunding. The amount of support we got from individuals who thought this would be interesting just got bigger and bigger, like rolling a snowman, as we went along. As a result, we were able to tie it into this event. It’s all gotten too big and it doesn’t feel real”, with an expression showing he was deeply moved. Meanwhile, under the clear blue skies, Kuji gave a declaration – “It should not beer to drink when the weather’s good. Drink sake! The best drink for this season of autumn! Let’s paint Roppongi Hills the color of sake!”
The “Tokyo Cinema Cuisine” was also situated in the arena, selling food designed by first class chefs. Looking at the people enjoying the carefully combined sake and food, Konishi revealed that “I could also introduce other sake brewers in this way. An overseas release would also increase demand for sake. This is how I would like to repay everybody.”
Konishi, who says he used to be “not so fond of sake”, said “I really want people to see this film who were like the old me, who keep their distance from sake.” He also said “I think it often happens that if you don’t have any close people who have some knowledge, you end up loosing the lottery and trying something terrible, and the delicious taste of sake can become unpleasant. I wasn’t used to have any drinkers among my close friends, and on the odd occasion when I drank it, it was just really tasteless stuff. Through this film, I came to realize how delicious sake is.” He finished with a serious appeal- “let this film be an opportunity for you to give yourself another chance, whether it be with the sake in this film or a local brewery, get into sake!”
KAMPAI! FOR THE LOVE OF SAKE will be released in the spring of 2016.

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