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Aoi Sora has cameo appearance in controversial film from Hong Kong, director offered the role by name

Lazy Hazy Crazy

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The Hong Kong film Lazy Hazy Crazy, which describes the love, jealousy and betrayal of teenage girls in an intimate and erotic manner, had its world premiere on October 24 in the Asian Future section of the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival. Lead performers Kwok Yik Sum, Fish Liew, and Mak Tsz Yi, as well as co-star Aoi Sora, director Luk Yee-sum, and producer Pang Ho-cheung attended TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills in Tokyo for a teach-in.

The film is popular not just for its sensational story, but also because it contains a performance from the charismatic Aoi, who is extremely popular in China. The Chinese media rushed to Aoi during the red carpet event held on the 22nd, and even today she is receiving requests for individual photos, showing just how popular she is. Aoi plays a character that is the spitting image of “Aoi Sora”.

About the reception of the media and the audience, Aoi was horrified, saying “all I said was Shei-Shei, and it was just a cameo appearance, so…” However, director Luk said “I offered the position to her because I had interviewed her before, and I really wanted her”, revealing that he had singled her out for the part. Also, “she is popular with both males and females even in Hong Kong. I’m really glad that she was able to work for us”, he said gladly. To this, Aoi replied “I also thought that I would really like to work with Luk during that interview. I’m really glad I was able to make an appearance in such a cool film!!” she said, showing her gratitude.

Luk, who made his directing debut with this film, has studied under the incredibly talented director Pang Ho-cheung, and is a new talent who has been steadily building up his career with projects like the screenplay for Love in the Buff and a collaboration in the screenplay for Vulgaria. His current film is about the practice of teenagers escorting older men for money, conveying the fragility of the girls with a lot of nude scenes and course language. He reveals that during the film production he was particularly obsessed with “wanting to change this idea that nakedness equals a romantic scene.” The most representative scene of this is “where the 3 main characters are watching the fireworks together by the seaside, completely naked. Being naked is something that is completely run of the mill in daily life. This is why I wanted to convey how women are seen when they are naked, and also how people see themselves when they are naked.” Producer Ho-cheung listened carefully to the passionate speech given by his favorite pupil, and the joined in to praise the way the film pursued reality down to the finest detail. “In the film, the 3 girls live together, so before the start of shooting the director actually made them live together in real life.”

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