28th Tokyo International Film Festival

Ken Takakura and His Era: Commemorative Screening

Abashiri Prison


Director:Teruo Ishii

Drama Action

10/26 18:05-  Ticket sales have closed.  
10/29 10:20-  Ticket sales have closed.  

92min. Japanese B&W | 1965 Japan | Distributor in Japan : TOEI COMPANY, LTD.


Abashiri Prison series, along with TOEI's Japanese Yakuza series, are blockbuster Ken Takakura starring films. 10 films were released in series over two and a half years. Combined with New Abashiri Prison series, 18 films were released in total. Two prison-breakers with handcuffs on their hands thrillingly run away in great nature of Hokkaido. Ken Takakura collaboartes with Teruo Ishii, who directs a number of action movies, and produces a suspense story on a large scale.

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10/26 18:05 - (92min)

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10/29 10:20 - (92min)

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Teruo Ishii

Born in 1924, Tokyo. In 1960, he entered TOEI. His films made a huge impact on “TOEI Gangstars” series afterward. Futhermore, he directed Showa Kyokaku-Den (1963), which triggered a big boom of “Ninkyo Film”. In 1960, he wrote the script and directed Abashiri Prizon. As a result, the film became a smash hit. Eventually, the series became total 18 films. He died in 2005 at the age of 81.

Director/Screenplay : Teruo Ishii
Original Story : Hajime Ito
Producer : Yoshifumi Taiga

Ken Takakura
Koji Nanbara
Tetsuro Tanba
Toru Abe
Kanjuro Arashi

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