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The Competition brings together a group of films with highly unique qualities, primarily works from around the world that are being released this autumn. Though the main focus is on mid-career filmmakers who are striving to head up the next generation, there are many different types of works, including some by both first-time and veteran directors.
In selecting the films, we placed a strong emphasis on the individual vision of each filmmaker, but we also made a conscious effort to include works from a wide range of countries and genres. Cinema provides us with a window on the world, and the joy of watching films is closely linked to the joy of learning about other places and people. In this year's event, we present works from many different regions, including Western, Northern, and Eastern Europe; North, Central, and South America; the Middle East; and West, Southeast, and East Asia which includes Japan. This veritable globe of cinema should provide us with a good idea about what is going on in the world today.
Viewers can also experience the diverse pleasures of cinema through the rich variety of genres represented in the event, such as comedy-drama, suspense, love story, horror, art, and human drama.
Another special feature of this year's competition is the inclusion of three Japanese films. Made by three distinctly different directors - seasoned master, hit-maker, and young hopeful - the films are sure to convey the great range of contemporary Japanese cinema.
Is there some underlying theme in this extremely diverse selection? Though they might seem to have superficially different forms, on closer examination you will find parallels between the dramas, created by talented filmmakers offering profound insight into the current era. Films are a reflection of our times. These works make use of many different styles to depict various issues that the world is currently facing: impending conflicts, wars, migrants, political instability, poverty, discrimination, and the sense that we might be living in end times. They suggest that what we need to survive is toughness and tolerance - and in order to combine these two qualities, we also need love. This year's competition is defined by a quest to understand what people need to make it through this troubled age.

Yoshi Yatabe
Programming Director

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Asian Future

"Asian Future" section, started at TIFF 2013, is for the up-and-coming directors from the Asian region (including Japan and Middle East) to compete with each other in this young cinema competition. Applicant eligibility is now up to three feature films, and as a result, even more varied films are gathered. The biggest feature this year is definitely that five films out of 10 in total (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan) are made by female directors. In addition, five films are world premieres (first screening worldwide) and five are international premieres (first screening outside the producing country). Meet the talents that will shoulder the future of Asian film industry at TIFF!

Kenji Ishizaka
Programing Director

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Japanese Cinema Splash

Japanese Cinema Splash continues to showcase Japan's independent movie scene which has been growing steadily. Rikiya Imaizumi delivers another ensemble romantic comedy. Kenji Yamauchi details an eccentric love affair. Eiji Uchida's black comedy follows a down-and-out director. Ryohei Yoshino warms hearts with an offbeat duo. Those four comedies would definitely make you laugh! We have an exellent line-up of dramas. Ryutaro Nakagawa returns with an autobiographical drama. Hiroshi Shoji's yakuza tale highlights two amazing young actors. Michio Koshikawa debuts with a unique literary thriller. Hirobumi Watanabe resurfaces with a stripped-down, highly affecting work. Together, they represent the future of Japanese cinema.
All of the films are world premiere.

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Special Screenings

Special screenings section presents epic films and topical films before release in Japan. Stars and directors from both Japan and abroad make appearances to glam-up the festival. The main film is the opening The Walk, based on a true story about Philippe Petit who crossed the World Trade Center on a high wire without safety tether when the construction was almost complete. In addition to being excellent as a drama, 3D and CG pioneer Robert Zemeckis has added a sense of depth to tight-rope crossing in a way only achievable in films. This will surely become Joseph Gordon-Levitt's major work. The closing terminal is an adaptation of Naoki award winner Shino Sakuragi's novel of the same title. Moving drama portrays an attorney with lasting emotional scars slowly recover through encounters with various people. Koichi Sato's performance is excellent. All other films are also topical, and watching these at the film festival will be an unforgettable experience. Be sure not to miss them.

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Panorama section showcases various types of topical films and highly-anticipated films which have not been released in Japan. Different guests will make an appearance every day to glam-up the festival. This year's line-up is particularly wide ranging, from Japanese animations that attract keen interest from abroad, documentaries of prominent figures such as a film star, musician, boxer and Nobel prize winner, or about enjoyment of foods, to live action films with great cast and staff. Each one of them will stay in your mind. Please look forward to them.

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World Focus

This section assembles films that have not gained distribution in Japan as of August 31st 2015, including award winners at overseas festivals, the latest from renowned directors, and other prominent works. The U.S. and Europe segment features masterpieces from talented directors that dazzled film festivals such as Berlin, Cannes and Venice. Germany's Schipper, Poland's Szumowska, America's Baker, Columbia's Acevedo, Croatia's Matanić and France's Leclerc are talents that must to be seen now. Latest works by Larrieu brothers, Guerin and Warmerdam, whom the TIFF have supported, are also lined-up. Genius Zulawski after a 15-year break and maestro Bellocchio both present controversial and thought-provoking works to the world. Wiseman's latest, which marks his 40th work, brilliantly epitomizes modern society. None to be missed!

Yoshi Yatabe
Programming Director (Films from Europe & North/South America)

Films from Asia and Middle East in the World Focus section are selected from amongst prize winners at major film festivals, films that have grabbed people's attention in their original countries, and the latest works by directors connected to TIFF. This year's characteristic is none other than “feast of the grand masters”. From Mani Ratnam and A R Rahman in the South, Garin Nugroho in the Southeast, to Hong Sang-soo, Wang Tung, Tom Shu-yu Lin and Dante Lam in the East, leaders of the Asian films have been gathered together. Also screened are two films recommended by Shanghai International Film Festival, TIFF's partner film festival from this year, and Wu Tianming's leading work Old Well (winner of Grand Prix and Best Actor at TIFF 1987) in honor of his memory following his passing in March 2014.

Kenji Ishizaka
Programing Director (Films from Asia and Middle East)

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The Japan Foundation Asia Center presents CROSSCUT ASIA #02 The Heat of Philippine Cinema

CROSSCUT ASIA features Asian films in cooperation with the Japan Foundation Asia Center. Following on from the Thai cinema special last year, the focus this year is on the cinema of the Philippines, which is said to be in the new Golden Age. From the feature of young maestro Mendoza, to a new film in a long time by Tahimik, pioneer of Asian Indies, and critical biographical film that portrays Pacquiao of the "fight of the century" in his youth. As well as a topical film on Japan location, and a digitally restored masterpiece in the history of films, a lot is happening. In addition, directors and cast will rush over to screenings during the festival. Don't miss it!

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- The World of Brillante Mendoza

Brillante Ma. Mendoza is a living national treasure of Philippine independent cinema. He is one of the most prominent and important Filipino filmmakers today, showing authentic Filipino stories to the world. He is the first Filipino to compete and won in three major international film festivals (Cannes, Venice and Berlin).

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Japan Now

It is said that you can understand the culture of the county, if you watch three films of the country.
Sixty years ago, Yasujiro Ozu observed the rapid development of Japan after the war and depicted the transformation and collapse of Japanese families and the abandonment of parents by their children over time in Tokyo Story. Filmmakers weave the present of the era into various stories to talk about it, and the viewers find themselves in the stories.
The current time is a critical one for Japan. We kept referring to it as the post-war era, but 70 years have already passed. Economic struggles, issues with neighboring countries, atitudes toward security, anxiety for future, the senses of happiness, pleasure, and sadness, all these are expressed and presented from various angles by filmmakers in films.
"Now is the time to let people know Japan 'as of now', and let people feel Japan's aesthetics that still exists clearly, Japanese culture and its appeal", that is why the "Japan Now" section has been created this time.
This is not exclusively for people from abroad. There is truth here which Japanese people should take a hard look at once again.

Kohei Ando
Programming Advisor

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Japanese Cinema Classics

One of the biggest benefits of the digital era in films is improved repair and restoration technology. It is now possible to digitize deteriorated original films and restore the color and quality to the highest level. Recently restored versions of masterpieces have been attracting attention at film festivals around the world.
Japanese masterpieces that have been restored using the latest technologies will be showcased at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Please enjoy revived masterpieces of your memory and long-lost films in beautiful pictures and sound.

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28th TIFF presents Special Night Event at Kabukiza Theatre

The new alternative event of TIFF, "Special Night Event at Kabukiza Theatre" held in 2014 with great success will take place again this year. This year the event will feature THEY WHO STEP ON THE TIGER'S TAIL filmed before World War II by Akira Kurosawa, which is an adaptation of "The Subscription List" from Eighteen Best Kabuki Plays. As a special treat, renowned Kabuki actor Kataoka Ainosuke will appear on stage for the Kabuki performance "Ame no Gor. (Gor. in the Rain)". Don't miss this one-night-only special event!

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This year is the 80th anniversary of Shuji Terayama’s birth. A talented poet, lyricist, playwright, novelist, photographer, and film director, Shuji Terayama was a multifaceted artist whose creative activities covered a diverse range of media. Terayama is particularly well remembered for his experimental films, which challenged societal norms of the time and still retain their power today. The screenings of these films will reveal the visionary genius of Shuji Terayama in his role as film director.

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Ken Takakura and His Era: Commemorative Screening

Ahead of the first anniversary of a distinguished actor Ken Takakura (1931-2014) who passed away last year on November 10th, his works from the chivalry films (Ninkyo-films) in his early days to literary works in his mature years are carefully selected for screening. His long-term fans as well as overseas and younger film fans alike, please take this opportunity to enjoy "Ken-san's" appeal with the films with English subtitles.

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What is "Gundam"? Why does it move people? The complete series will be screened at TIFF to close in on the secret of one of the biggest hit content of the series stretching over 36 years.
Distinct characters, moving human drama, unforgettable words of wisdom, and the mobile suit battles with heightened suspense and catharsis. Youths continue with difficult battles in order to find a chink of light with no certainty in the future. Since the first film Mobile Suit Gundam, many creators have worked on the series and it resonated with audiences across time, expanding the "Gundam potential" even further to date.
Screening of all Gundam series provides an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to understand the overall picture. Gundam has shown light on the “true nature of people” through futuristic battles. Game-changing horizon which people should aim for is sure to be re-discovered through the screenings.

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Retrospective of the Genius Filmmaker's Major Works and Unknown Masterpieces

Orson Welles (1915-1985) created many legendary works in the history of global cinema. On his sensational debut at the age of 25 with Citizen Kane (1941), he came to be known as a "boy wonder". As an actor, film director and narrator, his life was filled with hardship and many vicissitudes. Welles, "unorthodox genius" has left numerous unfinished and unknown works. At the centenary of his birth, this special selection comes closer to understanding "the unknown Orson Welles".

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Masters of J-Horror

Hollywood remakes of Japanese horror films have stormed the world. Three highly acclaimed directors worldwide, Hideo Nakata, Takashi Shimizu and Kiyoshi Kurosawa sparked the J horror boom, and their "most terrifying" horror films are screened to trace the history of J horrors. Four films will be screened throughout the night, namely, Hideo Nakata's legendary horror Don't Look Up and his latest work Ghost Theater, Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Cure which catapulted him onto the global stage, and Takashi Shimizu's masterpiece Ju-On: The Grudge. Ghost Theater will have a cast appearance on stage, and the all-night screening will include a talk event with guests.

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28th TIFF Special Programs and Allied-Events Lineup
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